Boston Music Intelligencer, says of CCE's Venus & Adonis:

"CCE made a conquest of this writer. He could barely control his emotions at the end. With highly imaginative and effective use of space and forces, this small company can outperform its larger and older brethren."

2022-2023 SEASON

SONGS & SPIRITS SINGALONG – Messiah - December 9,  Carols -

December 17, 2022


HOLST'S SAVITRI – Returns to Boston, June 22-25, 2023

HANDEL'S SAMSON – October, 2023



Exotic Operas

Operas, opera houses, and divas/divos that may be unknown to people in the West. A touch of the exotic and some delicious intrigue! Read more.



Silla Scores

The first-ever English translation of Handel’s SILLA. Full piano realization, high and low voice. To purchase sheet music, visit Silla Scores.